One-on-One Puppy Classes

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Are you a puppy parent wondering how to socialize your pup in times of social distancing?

We are now offering a virtual puppy class to the public as a one-time session to get started on training basics and talk about proactive socialization.

Sign up now! 

Make a $20 donation to the Utah Humane Society to receive a 40-minute online session with our professional behavior staff. 

Not only will you be helping your puppy grow up to be their best dog, but you will also support homeless pets with your donation. 

You have a unique chance to influence your puppy's behavior while they are developing. Your pup's experiences will shape how they respond to new people, places, and pets. It's important to socialize a puppy with the educated guidance of a professional to ensure they have the best chance of being well-rounded, confident, and friendly adult dogs. 

Contact us with any questions. 
Free printable resources for puppy owners: