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The Humane Society of Utah is dedicated to the elimination of pain, fear, and suffering in all animals. Our goal is to keep pets and people together, bring them together, and help move each animal to their most appropriate outcome as quickly as possible.


  • The Humane Society of Utah is the largest open-admission animal welfare organization in the state. We welcome any companion animal that can legally be admitted and work to find each pet a new loving home. 
  • We do not euthanize any healthy or treatable pet and have exceeded nationally-accepted no-kill standards. 
  • The following lifesaving programs and services are offered through the Humane Society of Utah: Community Clinic, Adoption, Foster Care, Behavior and Training, Transfer program, Development, Enrichment, Volunteer, Pet Retention and Shelter Diversion, Admissions, Advocacy, and Humane Education.
  • Since 1960, the Humane Society of Utah has been sheltering homeless animals and creating an environment of respect, responsibility, and compassion through our programs, education, and legislation. Click to read more about our history.


  • The Humane Society of Utah is a local, independent 501(c)(3) private nonprofit organization and maintains no contract with local government for animal control services. 
  • The Humane Society of Utah is not a United Way charity and is not affiliated with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the ASPCA, Best Friends Animal Society, American Humane Association, or PETA, and does not receive any portion of dues or donations paid to national organizations. 
  • We receive no city, state, or federal government funding, and rely solely on private contributions


Watch this video about the difference between the Humane Society of Utah and other organizations.