Will's Story

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Will came to our clinic for medical services in June 2020 because his urine had turned dark, and he had quit eating and drinking. Our shelter vet diagnosed Will with bladder stones, known as uroliths or cystic calculi, which are rock-like formations of minerals in the urinary bladder. In dogs, bladder stones are more common than kidney stones. For Will to regain his health, our veterinarian recommended surgery to remove the stones. The cost of this operation with a specialist is roughly $3,400.   
Will’s owners wanted to do everything they could for their sweet boy to live a long, healthy life, but unfortunately, they couldn’t afford to pay for the surgery. That’s when they contacted the Utah Humane Society to discuss their options. Our Admissions Team determined that our Pet Retention Program could assist them. The program provides resources to pet owners who wish to keep their pets but may be experiencing hardship.
Since our vision is to bring pets and people together and keep them together, our Pet Retention Program plays a vital role in helping owners who do not want to surrender their pets to a shelter.

As part of our Shelter Diversion Program, Pet Retention helps keeps pets in their home and out of a shelter, which benefits the people and their pets and allows the shelter to offer its resources to animals who genuinely need them.

Due to Will’s dire situation, our staff quickly scheduled him for a bladder stone removal operation. Upon arrival at our clinic, Will was showing signs of acute renal failure on top of his other ailments, so he was rushed into surgery. Stressed and worried about their pet, Will’s owners called to check on him every four hours. They wanted more than anything for Will to recover and return home as soon as possible. Fortunately for Will and his family, the surgery was a success, and after one day of recovery, Will was cleared to go home!
Since then, Will’s owners have expressed their sincere gratitude to our team, who helped save Will’s life and make it possible for them to afford the costly surgery. Pet Retention is another progressive way that the Utah Humane Society can Change Their World. Learn more about our Pet Retention Program at UtahHumane.org/petretention.