Volunteer of the Month - April

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Meet Jet, our April Volunteer of the Month!

Jet joined the HSU Volunteer team in May 2018, since then he has become a fixture on the Volunteer Behavior Team. In just under a year since he started Jet has donated over 300 hours to the animals here! He has spent time working with the dogs, target training our cats, working with our orange collar dogs, and helping to do playgroups with the Behavior Team. We really appreciate Jets willingness to continue to work to increase his knowledge about working with and training animals, his patience with shy animals, and how often he will stay late on a Saturday to make sure that every animal gets some time and attention. Read below to learn more about this fantastic behavior volunteer:

What brought you to HSU?
I moved to SLC at the beginning of 2017, into a no-pets apartment. My apartment before that was also no-pets, but I was living closer to my parents and brothers, and (more importantly) their dogs.After about year I decided I wasn’t hanging out with dogs often enough and it occurred to me that the local Humane Society probably needed people to walk dogs and that it would be a great way to learn more about dogs and become a better dog-person.
What is your favorite thing about volunteering at HSU?
Hanging out with dogs is pretty keen to begin with...
In the last couple months I’ve volunteered with the Behavior Department and I’ve greatly enjoyed learning to clicker-train the dogs and cats. For volunteers doing dog or cat care, I recommend giving target training with the clicker a try, it’s great to see an animal really take to it.
Do you have a favorite story from volunteering here?
One of the first dogs I worked with in Behavior was a dog named Peaches. She’d been tackled at her last shelter and developed a fear of men. The Behavior team had me and other men at HSU interact with her and eventually her got to the point that she’d deign to let me handle her and take her for walks. Then she was moved to the adoption floor and was taken home pretty quickly.
Do you have any pets at home?
I do not. The dog in my picture is my mother’s poodle, Tyrion. I negotiated an exception for him to visit in my lease.
Tell us something fun and unique about yourself
I lived in France and commuted into Switzerland for almost five years while I worked on my PhD at the Large Hadron Collider. My French is still awful though.
Thank you Jet for all you do!