Renovations To Kitty City & Tiny Town

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Renovations to Tiny Town and Kitty City were made possible by these Humane Society of Utah supporters; B is for Brooklyn Parks, Cathy Nelson, India Nielsen, Jodie Rust, Randall Emmett, Reija Toscano, and Toshiko Burton.


The generous gifts provided for renovations to existing structures. These renovations included dividing up our three large cat rooms into six smaller rooms to better serve the long-term resident cats in our care. Improvements in lighting and the remodeling of interior spaces also helped provide better care for these cats' unique needs.

                                                  cat laying on bed in cat room with window

Tiny Town improvements included new flooring, kennel walls, and protective glass to help keep the puppies and young dogs in our care safe from cross-contamination. 

                                                 Tiny Tiny dog kennel room at Humane Society of Utah