November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

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November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Sadly, many animals find themselves in shelters during their golden years. While some senior pets can require extra care, they’re no less deserving of loving homes! 

As with people, age can affect pets too. Some senior pets may require special diets or medicine to help manage things like arthritis. However, we think every animal should spend their golden years surrounded by comfort in a loving home. Senior pets still have a lot to offer and often fit right in with all their lived experiences.

Next time you’re looking to adopt a pet, consider a sugar-dusted muzzle! 

Here are a few of our adoptable senior pets waiting to meet you right now.

White senior car on blue patterned blanket

blue and orange calico senior cat on yellow bed with fall leaves behind

senior tabby and white cat sitting in box

senior tan dog with floppy ears and white muzzle