Meet Our New Executive Director

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Photo of Vaughn Maurice with one of his two dogs, Nadia.
My name is Vaughn Maurice, and I’m honored to introduce myself as the new executive director for the Humane Society of Utah. I have worked in animal welfare professionally for over 11 years, and I’m passionate about helping both people and their pets.
I’ve only been with Utah Humane since mid-April and must say I thoroughly love the impactful work of our vital organization. Whether it’s someone adopting a new furry family member, observing our high-volume spays and neuters, watching people and their pets benefit from our affordable vaccinations, or seeing children learning in our summer camps, it’s all very inspiring.
While the work we accomplish is impressive, equally remarkable is the kindness, compassion, and generosity of our supporters and volunteers who give us the resources to help thousands of animals annually. To you, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support of our critical work. Thank You!
Utah Humane is well-positioned for growth and innovation. With your help, our advocacy program will continue to fight for legislation beneficial to animals. Our multi-state transport program will expand, helping even more pets find new loving homes. Our humane education work will guide the next generation. Our clinic will find additional ways to reach and benefit higher numbers of pets. We will work tirelessly to keep pets out of shelters, and we will not euthanize for space or time but rather find loving homes for all adoptable pets. With your help, the future promises to be bright, bold, and exciting.