Meet Melinda, our July Volunteer of the Month!

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Melinda began her journey as a volunteer back in 2014! In that time she has become an integral member of our special events volunteer team. No matter how big or small, close or far, if it's a special event to support the animals here you will find Melinda there. She wraps presents in December, checks in patrons during Picture Your Pet with Santa, manages the Puppy Room at the Gala, helps to coordinate check-in at Bark at the Moon and so much more. Her love and special connection to animals is obvious in all of the work she does with us. We are so lucky to have Melinda as a part of our volunteer team. Read below to learn more about this dedicated special events volunteer:

What brought you to Utah Humane?
I LOVE ANIMALS! My family didn't have pets until I came along and I eventually taught them to love animals too. I had all kinds of pets growing up which included any stray animal I came in contact with. My mom started donating monthly, to HSU,  many, many years ago and after she passed away I continued in her honor. Then one day I decided to try volunteering and loved it.
What is your favorite thing about volunteering with Utah Humane?
I love helping the animals in any way I can. I also love helping at the events and working with so many awesome people, both staff and volunteers, who love animals like I do.
Do you have a favorite story from volunteering at Utah Humane?
I have so many wonderful stories it would be too hard to pick a favorite! 
Do you have any pets at home?
LOL!!! I have 7 dogs, 2 Sugar Gliders, 1 cat and 1 bunny who is a foster fail from HSU!!!!!
Tell us something fun and unique about yourself
My mom always told me that I was born with a love for animals she had never seen before. I've always been able to calm animals and seemed to have a special bond with them. Other people have told me the same thing all my life.
Thank you Melinda for all your support for Utah's pets!