Meet John, our November Volunteer of the Month!

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Dog lover John is one of the Humane Society's longest regular volunteers, with almost 10 years of weekly volunteer shifts. During his time volunteering with us, he has donated over 1,000 hours of his time to benefit the dog at HSU. Through rain, snow, or shine, we can always count on John to head in and make sure each dog gets out for their first walk of the day. Not only is John committed to caring for dogs while they are looking for their home, but he has also provided a loving home for 3 wonderful dogs that he adopted from HSU, including sweet Bailey that is pictured here with her new dad. Read below to learn more about this dedicated volunteer:

What brought you to HSU?

Shortly after I moved to Utah alone in 2005, I saw a notice from the Humane Society in the "volunteer corner" section of a newspaper, and I figured it would be a good thing to do - both for me and the HSU's dogs.
What is your favorite thing about volunteering at HSU?
Just seeing how glad the dogs are to go outside for a while, and knowing I made their day a little better.
Do you have any pets at home?
Three weeks ago, I adopted Bailey, a chocolate Labrador retriever, from HSU. She's 6 years old, super sweet and loves to fetch the ball.
Tell us something fun and unique about yourself
Bailey is the third chocolate Lab (/or mix) that I have adopted from HSU. The other two have gone to the big dog park in the sky.
Fun? I like to snowboard and ride mountain bikes. I once hiked up Grandeur Peak with a snowboard and rode down the top part of the mountain while my dog Coco chased me in the snow.
Thank you John for all you do!