Lulu's Story

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Lulu was the first time I adopted a pet of my very own and I think I was just as nervous as she was! When I got her she was scared and aggressive and would hoard food and toys and wasn’t potty trained. We worked and worked and I even helped socialize her by bringing her to work with me, they love when she comes to the office and so does she! Lulu has so much spunk and personality and is the best cuddler and has so much love to give always! She loves to follow me around and check up on me when she thinks I’ve been in the kitchen or shower too long! She twirls in little circles when she’s excited and likes soft stuffed toys that squeak. She has built so much confidence over the last year. Helping work through some of the issues at the beginning was hard at times but so so so worth it I would do it a million times over, the thing she needed most was love!! I am so thankful I didn’t give up on her, she is the reason I’m excited to get up in the morning! Thanks for connecting these babies with their forever homes!!!!



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