Lola and Cysero's Story

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"I adopted a kitten in 2004, he was one of 4 kittens from a Baby Doll Persian that was left in the mailbox drop off for cats at the shelter. After two weeks we decided to adopt the mom of the kitten too. We named the mom Lola and the baby Cysero. They lived an amazing life! Lola passed away of kidney failure in 2017. She lived a great life of being pampered and living the best luxury I could buy. Every person that met her fell in love with her unique personality. Cysero has lived in Utah, California and Montana, every person that meets him can't get enough of his sweet personality and fun behavior. Cysero is 15 almost 16 years old, he loves cuddles and jogging around the house playing with all his toys. Adopting these cats was the best thing for me and my family! Please adopt from shelters!"

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