Foster Care Success-Mr. Opie

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Jackie and Mr.Opie pic

Cosmo, a 6 1/2-year-old Exotic Shorthair, was surrendered by his owner to the Utah Humane Society in early February. After a declawing surgery had left painful fragments, Cosmo needed surgery to repair his paw along with an entropion surgery and a dental cleaning procedure. Entropion is a condition in which a portion of a cat's eyelid is turned inward against the eyeball rather than lying flush around it.

Before Cosmo could undergo surgery, he needed time in a foster home. Jackie Petersen, one of the Utah Humane Society's wonderful photography volunteers, offered to bring Cosmo into her home and provide medical care until he was stronger. Jackie administered antibiotics to treat his eye condition and an upper respiratory infection. Although Cosmo was shy and nervous in his new foster home, he handled his medication well and slowly began looking and feeling better.


Most likely due to the pain in his paws after being declawed, Cosmo had a history of not using his litter box well. Jackie provided him with paper pellet litter that was less painful on his feet, and he began using it without any issues. He continued to cower, hide, and stay away from people, so Jackie began clicker training him for short, positive sessions. She eventually won his trust with treats and patience.

After two weeks of loving care, Jackie brought Cosmo back to the Utah Humane Society for entropion surgery on his lower eyelids and paw repair to remove the fragments and nail bed abscesses. Cosmo returned to his foster home to recover and heal without complications. Once he was fully recovered, he had his teeth cleaned and was ready to be adopted.

Of course, Jackie and her family had fallen in love with Cosmo and decided that their home was where he was meant to be. "Cosmo, who is now named Mr. Opie is a delightful cat," said Jackie. He has successfully trained us to know what food he likes, when it is time for clicker training, and what treats he prefers. He likes to play and loves a good catnip toy. His face makes us smile daily, he’s brought so much joy to us at this uncertain time of life.  He easily lives with a dog and two cats and has continued to use his litter box without any problems. His family is appreciative of the team at HSU that took great care of him and performed the necessary treatments. Thank you to those who donate so that HSU can accept animals that need surgeries after they’ve been surrendered."


At the Utah Humane Society, we are humbled by the generosity of our foster volunteers and couldn't do what we do every day without their help. When a foster volunteer decides to adopt, we don't call that a "foster failure." We prefer to celebrate the adoption! Thank you, Jackie, for your hours of service and for helping Change Their World!

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