Archie's Story

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We adopted Archie (previously Cooper) last September. I knew instantly that I needed to save him, and we have come to realize that he saved us! Archie was too afraid to walk on a leash, go through doors, get in a car, or meed new people. He would pancake on the floor and we had to pick him up to move him. Now, he loves his new home! He has made SO many new friends and he loves to run and play. His big (little) sister, absolutely adores him and helped him see the world isn't as scary as he thought. I suffer from Manic Depression and Archie knows when I am having an episode. He comforts me and has even passed his certification as an official Service Dog. I am so proud of him. We love him so much, and can't imagine our life without him. We can't wait to spend the rest of his life, spoiling him with love, treats and toys. Thank you HSU for giving me this sweet, incredibly smart boy. He is the best.


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